Conservation Talks!

Conservation talks
Conservation walks
Conservation RAWKS!

Starting in Week 9 (term 2), RSI is organising a series of conservation talks! Don’t miss out. Here is the schedule

“Singapore’s Coral Reefs – What do we have and how they can be conserved”

Ms Karenne Tun – Marine Biology Laboratory, National University of Singapore

26th May 3:30pm LT3


“The role of management in conservation of our green spaces”

Mr Benjamin Lee – Asst. Dir. Nature Parks, NParks Singapore and senior conservation officer at the central nature reserve

28th May 3:30pm LT5


“What happened at Chek Jawa – the dissection of conservation successes in Singapore”

Mr N Sivasothi – author and co-editor of “A Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore”, editor of Habitatnews and coordinator of the Raffles Museum Toddycats volunteer cohort

18th May 3:30pm LT4



“Global Marine Initiatives”

Ms Katherine Short – WWF International is coming to RI(JC) to introduce us to the global marine crisis situation and what WWF is doing.

19th May 3:30pm LT3

Katherine Short's talk at RIJC



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