Lab denizens

OpenLab recently acquired quite a variety of critters which have made the lab a lot more lively! Do drop by to pay them a visit sometime.

Marine tank

The marine tank contains a few representatives of the plants and animals that can be found in coral reefs of Singapore. These include hard corals, soft corals, seagrasses, marine algae, gastropods, bivalves, nudibranchs (yes, nudibranchs!) and more! Updates coming soon.

Marine tank

Marine Tank

Freshwater tank

The stars of the freshwater tank are the pair of bichirs. Bichirs are elongated fishes with many dorsal finlets and fleshy pectoral fins. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Come over and see them for yourself!

Freshwater tank

Freshwater tank - can you spot the bichir?

African clawed toads

We have a pair of African clawed toads kindly donated by Mr Eddie Koh from the KS department. The toads are aquatic and swim to the surface for air, although, amphibians have very thin skin through which they can breathe. They eat mainly live prey such as insects and small fish. They can grow up to 12cm long!

African clawed toad

One of the toads

Both the clawed toads and bichirs are non-native to Singapore. Never release non-native animals into our local water bodies as they have the potential to wreak havoc on the natural ecosystem.

Hermit crabs

Also donated by Mr Eddie Koh, we have a pair of land hermit crabs living in natural-looking sandy tank in the OpenLab. There were originally three but one died when it tried to moult. Moulting is necessary for crustaceans to grow and it is a very stressful and resource-intensive period for them. We feed them dry tubifex worms and fruits. If you would like to feed them you can bring small pieces of pears or apples (leftover from lunch maybe?).

Hermit crabs

You can't really see them because they are more nocturnal in their activity


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