Taiwan International Science Fair

The Taiwan International Science Fair is a competition for top young researchers that aims to encourage scientific research and promote cross-cultural communication and academic exchange. Each year, the Ministry of Education sends 2 Singaporean students who have completed a research project to present and compete at the Science Fair. Besides having to present his/her project findings to a panel of judges, selected students will also have opportunities to visit various scientific and cultural institutions. The students will interact with participants from countries in the region and beyond, including the United States of America, France, Hong Kong and Korea.

Students who have completed project(s) in any one of the following fields of science are welcome to apply:
a. Mathematics
b. Physics & Space Sciences
c. Chemistry
d. Earth Sciences
e. Zoology
f. Botany
g. Microbiology
h. Biochemistry
i. Medicine and Health
j. Engineering
k. Computer Science
l. Environmental Science

Interested students are to complete Sections A to F of the application form and return the form to Ms Soh Yeing Yeing by 20th October 2010.

Application form is available at the OpenLab (please make a copy for yourself).


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