Video: Science in an Uncertain World

The first keynote of the Raffles Science Symposium

Science in an Uncertain World

By Assoc. Prof. Lim Tit Meng
Chief Executive, Singapore Science Centre

Scientists can be considered as explorers searching for knowledge and solution.  They often face the unknown challenges in the pursuit of scientific discovery or innovation.  It is also quite apt to say that scientists personify the statement of ‘the more we know the more we do not know’ as new knowledge always lead us to new questions.  Scientists hence literally live in an uncertain world, because there are always surprises and mysteries surrounding them.  Dealing with uncertainty is an integral part of a scientist’s world, as demonstrated through how the nerve growth factor was discovered by a Nobel Laureate.

Click here to view the video:
Science in an uncertain world

About Prof. Lim:

A/P Lim’s scientific background includes Zoology and Life Sciences, and his current research focuses on cell death mechanism involved in Parkinson’s disease and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. He is continuing with his research programmes whilst serving as Chief Executive of Science Centre Singapore.

The past President of the Singapore Institute of Biology, A/P Lim currently co-chairs the 2012 International Biology Olympiad Committee in Singapore. A/P Lim is a major  contributor to science education on a national level, playing an active role in shaping the biology curriculum in particular.


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