RSI Projects available for Y5 students in 2017

Please apply at this link:

Deadline for applications is 3rd March (Fri) 4:00pm (note the change from what was advertised in some lectures). If you submit more than one application, only the latest submission will be considered.

Do note that you are also allowed to take RSI projects under the SRP programme. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email for an interview.

Pls email Dr Lee Zhiying at zhiying.lee at for any clarifications.

Code: RSI001
Title: Coral Feeding

Synopsis: Hermatypic “reef-building” corals are polytrophic: while mainly autotrophic (i.e. obtaining energy through photosynthesis by their symbiotic algae), they also acquire energy through heterotrophy (i.e. feeding on plankton and organic particulate). It has been suggested that corals’ abilities to feed on, and benefit from, particles in suspension or trapped in sediment is a major strategy allowing corals to persist in highly turbid reef environments, such as those found in Singapore. Corals have also been shown to ingest harmful inorganic particulates such as microplastics. This project will investigate 1) what some corals on Singapore reefs feed on in the field, and 2) controlled aquaria experiments to determine the feeding and prey capture abilities of corals (i.e. size and amounts of prey).

Looking for 2-3 students.

Principal Investigator: Dr Abigayle Ng (RSI); Dr Jani Tanzil (NUS)

Pre-requisites: a) Independent and committed to the project; b) Interest in biology and conservation; c) able to commit to doing labwork during school holidays (at least 2 weeks of each holiday)

Remarks: Project will involve lots of micrscopy work

Contact: at


Code: RSI002
Title: Environmental Science – Non-coal activated carbon as rain garden supplements

Synopsis: Urbanization coupled with deforestation has resulted in major disruption of the microclimate as well as global climate. One aspect of the climate change is an upsetting of the hydrologic cycle leading to droughts and sudden storms. Pollution from industrialization and the urban way of life add to the problem as toxic contaminants such as heavy metals are washed into water ways regularly and particularly so during storms. This has spurred governments to put more effort into developing storm water management solutions. Rain gardens with its good water holding capacity and ability to sequester heavy metals from water bodies via adsorption by filter media poses as a very likely solution. Activated carbon (AC) that is already widely used to purify liquids and gases in a variety of applications is an attractive material to use in the filter layer of rain gardens. High costs however has restricts its applications. Moreover, commercial ACs are produced from coal, which is a non-renewable resource and coal mining also has devastating effects on the environment. This project explores the use of alternative natural materials in the production of low-cost AC that can be applied to rain gardens.

Looking for 2 -3 students.

Principal Investigator: Dr Lee Zhiying (RSI)

Pre-requisites: a) Dedicated and committed to research work; b) able to commit to long hours of lab work during holidays; c) strong enthusiasm.

Contact: zhiying.lee at


Code: RSI003
Title: Characterizing Gourmet Coffees

Synopsis: Coffee is one of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide. The growing presence of competitively priced gourmet coffee machines has made gourmet quality coffees so much more accessible to the individuals. This project involves the characterization and determination of the bioactive compounds of gourmet coffee using various analytical methods

Looking for 2-3 students

Principal Investigators: Dr Grace Lim

Pre-requisites: Committed and independent individuals with a strong background in chemistry

Contact: grace.lim at

Code: RSI004
Title: A study of anti-microbial properties of ternary Zr-based bulk metallic glasses

Synopsis:Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) are a new class of engineering materials with interesting combination of properties that offer numerous potential applications. This project involves the synthesis of ternary Zr-based bulk metallic glasses with good glass forming abilities. The anti-microbial properties of ternary Zr-based BMGs in relationship with their glass forming ability and respective microstructures are then characterised.

Looking for 2-3 students

Principal Investigators: Dr Grace Lim (RSI), Dr Lee Zhiying (RSI)

Pre-requisites: Committed individuals with a strong interest in materials science and antimicrobial work

Contact: grace.lim at

Code: RSI005
Title: Inorganic oxide coatings on polypropylene separator films for lithium ion batteries

Synopsis:Rechargeable lithium ion batteries (LIB) are one of the most important and suitable power sources for portable electronics due to their light weight and high charge density. However, many are concerned about the safety of LIB as more cases of exploding batteries have been reported. This project aims to synthesize a new composite separator and characterize its thermal stability properties

Looking for 2-3 students

Principal Investigators: Dr Grace Lim (RSI), A/P Wang Qing (NUS)

Pre-requisites: Committed individuals who have an interest in materials science

Contact: grace.lim at


Code: RSI006
Title: Unravelling machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) on disruptive technologies.

Synopsis: Smart disruptive technologies such as gesture recognition in 3D space require increasingly complex hardware such as micro radars and adaptive algorithm to handle them. See Google project Soli for a better idea. This project works with the leading German engineering firm under Siemens, Infineon, tasked by Google and other technology companies to find a technology solution using machine learning and AI techniques.

Looking for 3 students.

Principal Investigator: Dr Tan Guoxian (RSI) and an Infineon lead engineer

Pre-requisites: Any basic programming experience, or willing to learn. Basic understanding in machine learning or data analytics a plus, but not a pre-requisite.

Contact: guoxian.tan at

Code: RSI007
Title: 3D printed prosthetic hand

Synopsis: This project is an engineering project with an internship and experiential research program at TTSH to develop and test a 3D printed prosthetic hand with TTSH patients, under the advice and guidance of RSI scientist, TTSH medical doctor and TTSH prosthetic engineers.

Looking for 2-3 students.

Principal Investigator: Dr Tan Guoxian (RSI) and Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)

Contact: guoxian.tan at

Code: RSI008
Title: Image and Video Sensing

Synopsis: This project seeks to sense and predict large streams of big data to analyse using data and predictive analytics.

Looking for 2-3 students.

Principal Investigator: Dr Tan Guoxian (RSI)

Contact: guoxian.tan at


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