The OpenLab was set up in 2009 as a hub for scientific research to support the scientific community within the student body of Raffles Institution. It is both a physical lab as well as a conceptual lab referring to using nature as a learning environment.

The facilities of the OpenLab includes a fully equipped laboratory as well as a dry lab area for seminars and workshops, including a mini-library for students to use in their free time. Students are welcome to enter the OpenLab to carry out (school-approved) research projects under the watchful eye of the Lab Officer and in-house research scientist.

The glass walls of the OpenLab breaks the stereotype of working in a laboratory. The open concept allows one to have a lovely view of the college while doing labwork. At the same time, the lab’s central location also makes science alive and visible to all others passing by.

Although any student of RI is welcome at the OpenLab, please restrict usage for research purposes only. The OpenLab should not be used for doing/discussing tutorials and chit-chat sessions.

The OpenLab is located at Level 1M of Block E.