Research projects at the OpenLab

One of the aims of the RSI is  to create opportunities for students with a flair for Science to develop their skills and talents through research. Research projects are carried out either within school in the OpenLab or in collaboration with research institutes or government agencies.

RI(Yr 5-6) targeted water sciences (both marine and freshwater) as the theme for the offered projects as the Singapore Government has recently identified three R & D areas to focus attention on and channel resources into, one of which is Environmental & Water Technology. The knowledge and skills acquired will have practical application in the real world, as well as provide students with an authentic experience in scientific research and discovery.

We have a number of project areas for you to choose from and selection of students will be based on academic ability and commitment/enthusiasm for biology. Students selected for this programme will be mentored by a teacher and/or an external supervisor; and are required to attend a research skills workshop in order to be equipped with skills covering various aspects such as making scientific observations, asking the right questions in the study of biology and carrying out independent research.

You will be required to be committed to this project and attendance for the research skills workshop in May/June is compulsory. The projects are expected to take up your June holidays and you will be required to have consultation with your mentors fortnightly.


Resources: Links to a list of online resources that you can use for your literature search.

Past Research Titles

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Past Research Skills Workshops